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David Lefèvre: more a viper than a cobra

Today, I'm going to tell you about a guy from the north, a guy so mediocre that he didn't stand having anything but misery around him. Ladies, dudes, and everything in between, let me introduce you to David Lefèvre.

David Lefèvre

So, who's that asshole ?

The beginning of David's life is quite the mystery, kinda like the dog shit you don't see on the sidewalk until you feel it under your shoe. We only know that he was born near Reims and that his parents were violent, incestuous and severely alcoholic. He was soon placed in foster care, and saw his family again, except for the two sisters who will testify at his trial.Once orphaned, David jumps into the criminal life as soon as he can, and somehow ends up in Amiens. We don't more about his early life because the guy doesn't speak much.

The first signs

David Lefèvre

Once in Amiens, David continues his petty crimes and easily blends in the mass of local delinquents. Little by little, he creates a circle of friends that he can dominate and manipulate.This type of behavior is common among serial killers: they are very manipulative and cruel, and only accept a relationship if they are the one on top. Another main characteristic is the desire to kill (obviously), and David gets there pretty quickly. In 2002, while I was try to walk up on walls to be like Spiderman (forgive me, I was only 4 years old), David killed a homeless person in a robbery "gone bad". Why the quotes, you might ask ? It's simply because it seems like David had some fun. So much fun, in fact, that he also killed the pet rat of his victim (he had some nerve killing a thing that resembled him so much).Since he's as smart as a pigeon face-planting into a window, David got caught almost immediately, and was sentenced to five years in prison. Did that calm him ? soon as he steps out of prison, he goes right back in (the motherfucker is a damn boomerang). He ends up getting sentenced 3 more times between 2009 and 2011. The sentences are very light, but that doesn't stop him from acting like Pablo Escobar when he has the kingpin potential of Stuart Little.

The first murder

Julien Guérin

On January 13th, 2011, David is a free man, and decides to go to Belgium with his friend Julien Guérin to buy cigarettes (the border is easy to cross and the cigarettes are cheaper). Julien is a 22-year-old who recently gave up drugs and delinquency so he can properly raise his son and have a good life with his girlfriend Aline. He didn't give up his friendship with David, which will be his biggest and last mistake. While they are on the road returning from Belgium, David lures him in a secluded spot of the Hortillonnages (which some kind of swamp in the south of Amiens). According to David, Julien got out of the car and started playing with a baseball bat. That irritated David, who in turn bashed his skull in with a crowbar. You know, like a normal person would do.Surprised by the hit, Julien fell in the water and David left him, knowing full well that there wasn't any way for Julien to get out of the water on his own.

Courrier Picard HQ

On January 21st, Aline goes to the Courrier Picard (after going to the police, of course), a newspaper, to ask the reporters to write a page about Julien's vanishing. They accept, and soon everybody in Amiens is looking for the young man.At the same time, police officers question David, who is the last person to see him. The sewer rat declares that on the night of the 13th, Julien wanted to buy drugs, so David dropped him off in the Victorine Autier district, in the southern area of Amiens. Nobody believes his bullshit, because Julien in the north of Amiens, where drugs are found easily and regularly. However, the police didn't have enough evidence to keep him in custody, so they let him go. Julien's body is found on February 14th (yes, Valentines Day) in the Hortillonages by a city worker who was there to clean the riverbank (unlucky guy).The coroner, after examining his body, concludes that Julien's death was accidental, that he probably fell out of a boat. Soooo, whose boat was it ? Why was he in a boat ? Why didn't the guy with the boat help him ? Because fuck you, that's why ! Boom, case closed !

THe Hortillonages

Aline (and anybody with two functioning brain cells) doesn't believe this explanation, and starts asking questions to David, who reacts with the same grace and subtlety as a prostate exam. He tries to blackmail her and offers to answer her questions if she sleeps with him. This works so well that Aline presses charges. Sadly, the wheels of justice are slow, so David still has enough time to make another victim.

Same asshole, same strategy

Alexandre Michaud

Let's talk about two David's friends. There's Sylvie, an unemployed mother of two whose life is unstable at best, and Michel, her ex. The couple just broke up, and their interactions are very tense. Things get even worse when Sylvie lets Alexandre, her new boyfriend, move in. Alexandre Michaud is 24, and he's a good guy. No criminal record and a loving family. The kind of guy who wanna chill with. Plus, he gets along just fine with Sylvie's kids, and that pisses Michel, their father, the fuck off. That's when our sewer rat comes back on stage. Alexandre is worried about Michel's aggressiveness towards him, so David Lefèvre offers to get him a gun to defend himself. We will never know if Alexandre said yes or not.On September 4th, 2011, Alexandre busts his hands against a wall (I know, I know) during a fight with Sylvie. None of them has a car or even a driver's license, so they ask David for a ride. He accepts, but when Sylvie wakes up the next day, Alexandre isn't home. He never will be.Once Alexandre got his hand fixed, David lured him into the Hortillonnages by telling him he had hidden a gun that he wanted to give him, and executed him with a rifle. When Sylvie naturally asks questions, David tells her that he had driven him home and dropped him off around 2am. After that, he doesn't know anything.

5 days later, Alexandre dead body is found floating in the river. The victim was shot this time, so medical examiner logically concludes that it's a homicide. The investigators soon see that Alexandre was found near the part of the river where Julien was found, and they realize that they might have a serial killer on their hands. After that, ti doesn't take them long to close in on David, who denies everything. Yes, he had a rifle, but he threw it away long before the murder of Alexandre, who wanted to leave Sylvie by the way (and he is an alligator so that's why he was found in the swamp).The investigators clearly don't believe it, so the motherfucker stops talking and sulks for the rest of the interrogation because he's a bitch like that.He confesses after a while, but only for the murder of Alexandre, which he claims was an accident. I kid you not, he says that he slipped and the rifle went off. The audacity on this one ! Well, accident or not, he is arrested and placed in detention for the two murders.


In one of the follow-up interrogations, he digs his own grave by telling the investigators that he shot Alexandre "where Julien Guérin was killed". The thing is that before being discovered, Julien's body floated away from the place where he was killed, which makes the latter a thing only the killer would know. When he realizes how dumb he is, David starts sulking again. He breaks his silence on April 12th, 2012 by writing a letter to the judge. In this letter, he admits the two murders and tells the truth for probably the first time in his life.

The trial

Amiens' Criminal court

David's trial begins on November 12th, 2013. The aim there is to try and understand why he did all of this, while the dumbass sulks in the background and refuses any psychological analysis.Many people testify on the stand to defend him (how though?), including Sylvie, Alexandre's girlfriend, who says that David is "not all bad". This woman is IN-EX-PLI-CA-BLE ! Anyway, it's easy to see what the victim's had in common in my opinion (it's only my opinion alright, don't sue me): they were better than David. Julien was trying to be a good father and had given drugs, and Alexandre was a good guy to begin with and several people said during the trial that he didn't take any of David's shit. It's therefore plausible that David eliminated them to stay on top of the little social pyramid that he had built for himself. It takes less than 2 hours for the jury to declare a verdict: guilty. David Lefèvre is sentenced to 22 years to life in prison. It's the end for our little sulking rat, and let me say I won't miss him.

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