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Eric Borel: the hateful weirdo

Hi guys, I hope you're having fun since summer is arriving ! Today, I'm going to tell you a shorter story than the usual, mainly because finals season is upon me. So pray for my sanity and enjoy the story of Eric Borel, one of the deadliest mass shooters in Europe !

Eric Borel

Eric Borel was born on December 11th, 1978 in Southern France. His father, Jacques, pretty much fucks off as soon as the umbilical cord is cut, and his mother, Marie-Jeanne, gives him to his grandparents and fucks off too.

She comes back five years later, and reunites with her son. She introduces him to his step-father, Yves, and his two step-brothers, Franck and Jean-Luc. If you think this is a happy ending, you're on the wrong website. And if you think there is going to be some step-bro fucking, you're on the wrong website too (also, get help).

A year later, the family welcomes Eric's half-brother, Jean-Yves, and the family moves to the village of Solliès-Pont, where they have built a house on Yves' parents' property. The neighbors immediately categorize them as rednecks because omg they've lived in government housing once, they are POOR !

Anyway, life doesn't get better in Solliès-Pont for Eric, because of his mother. She's a sunday school teacher and an active member of the French alt-right political party, and she never shuts up about Eric being a "child of sin", when she could have left him with his grandparents. made the choice to raise him, beloved...

Anyway, Eric grows up withdrawn, shy and weird. His passions include creepy comic books, Silence of the Lambs, a pro-conspiracy documentary about the Waco disaster (google it), and Nazi memorabilia. He doesn't have many friends, and often talks about murdering his family with the few ones he has. When he's alone, he shoots birds. You get the picture...

We will never know what triggered the events of September 23rd, 1995. On that day, Eric shoots his step-father Yves and his little brother Jean-Yves, who was only 11 at the time. He then waits for his mother to come back and executes her too. After that, he goes apeshit and hits the bodies with a hammer until they barely look human, before barricading the house and leaving during the evening.

He spends the whole night walking, and at dawn he reaches the home of Alan Guillemette, one of his friends. He shoots him on his doorstep. Not long after that, he arrives to the village Cuers, and just starts shooting people while walking. The police is called immediately, but police officers have trouble localizing Eric because hunting season has begun and some shots are from the hunters. They still manage to surrond him on a middle school's parking lot. That's where Eric turns his rifle around and shoot. That's it, he's dead. Three weeks before his 17th birthday.

During his killing spree, he killed 15 people:

  1. Yves Bichet, his stepfather

  2. Marie-Jeanne Parenti, his mother

  3. Jean-Yves Bichet, his half-brother

  4. Alan Guillemette, his friend

  5. Marius Boudon

  6. Andrée Coletta

  7. Rodolphe Incorvala

  8. Jeanne Laugiero

  9. Mohammed Maarad

  10. Pierre Marigliano

  11. Pascal Mostacchi

  12. Denise Otto

  13. Mario Pagani

  14. André Touret

  15. Ginette Valette

Eric's motives will never be known, but one thing is for sure: wherever he is, he can go fuck himself.

That's it for today ! Tell me what you think about this case in the comments or on r/Murder_Wine_Cheese, and if you want to make a suggestion or a donation, everything is on the English homepage. Have a nice day, I'll see you in the next article !

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