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Patrice Alègre: the freeloader

Hi everyone and welcome to the new website !

Today, I'm going to tell you about a useless asshole. You know, the kind of guy who shows up and ruins your party even though no one invited him, but a million times worse. Ladies, gents, and people in between, I present to you Patrice Alègre.

A non-childhood

Patrice Alègre as a kid

Patrice Alègre was born on June 20th, 1968 (which makes him a Gemini for those interested) in Toulouse, France. He's the unwanted child of a police officer named Roland and a hairdresser named Michelle. In this family, things are more New York: SVU than Full House. Roland is a violent husband and father who beats up Michelle at the drop of a hat and barely stops when Patrice tries to protect his mother. But don't get to sad about Michelle.

As soon as Roland is at work, Michelle goes out and cheats, making Patrice wait in the car while she's partying. At 6 years old, Patrice sees his mother giving a blowjob to a random, and is already used to hearing her have vigorous sex with the men she brings home.

To compensate for fucking up his son's psyche, and buy his silence, Michelle spoils the shit out of Patrice. If his dad is out on a mission, he can skip school, and if he wants a new toy, he simply gets it.

However, when daddy is home, everything changes. If Patrice sleeps one second too late, he gets beat with a log of wood. If he breathes wrong, he gets beat.

The only thing Roland and Michelle have in common is their alcoholism.

You probably already know it, but this type of family life doesn't exactly produce astronauts, doctors, or pianists. Patrice is a violent child who continuously gets expelled from school. And then, he reaches puberty.

The beginning of a sad life

At 13, Patrice is already a kleptomaniac who regularly shops in his neighbors' houses instead of going to the store. He naturally gets caught, but his father covers his messes to protect the family's reputation (and not because he loves him or something, that would be too much to ask). Roland ends up asking a social worker for help, and as soon as the social worker looks at the home life of the Alègre family, she goes "hell nah" and places Patrice in foster care.

Sadly, this relief is very short-lived, and Patrice starts running away, spending more and more time with the local hobos, who introduce him to drugs and alcohol. Obviously, a child is very vulnerable in that kind of environment, and two druggies end up sexually assaulting Patrice after giving him heroin. Patrice tells no one about this, and keeps sinking deeper and deeper into addiction and delinquency.

The guy who ruins the party for everyone

Teenage Patrice Alègre

At 16, Patrice barely has a high-school education. He survives by robbing houses and selling drugs, and his temper is getting worse. He once tries to shoot a guy because he made fun of his brother, but the gun doesn't go off.

His violence towards women is also escalating. He once tries to strangle a woman who rejecting, before stopping at the last minute and apologizing. Only because she rejected him...I mean, that's not her fault if he basically behaves like a chihuahua and had a neck as wide as a highway. Couldn't he just have a tea and shut his bitch ass mouth ? No. From that point on, his life actually becomes the opposite of having a tea and shutting up.

First love, first murders

At 18, Patrice finally lives a bit of normalcy. He meets Cécile, and it's love at first sight. How do I know it is ? Because Patrice finally calms down for a second. Enough at least to move in with her and have a daughter. But just enough. As soon as he has made created a family, he fucks it up by going back to his old ways. He cheats constantly, but his thirst for women is as strong as his hate for them.

Valérie Tariote

On February 21st, 1989, Patrice tries to seduce 22-year-old Valérie Tariote, a waitress who has accepted to let him crash on her couch for the night. She refuses his advances, and that enrages Patrice. He rapes and strangles her to death.

After that first murder, Patrice lays low for a while. But that doesn't mean that everything gets peaceful at home. He stills cheats on Cécile and beats her. The only peaceful moments for Cécile and her daughter occur when Patrice doesn't come home. That also (and sadly) means that someone else has to handle the ticking time bomb.

Laure Martinet

On January 27th, 1990, Laure Martinet, a 19-year-old college student, is the unlucky woman who crosses Patrice's path. She lets him stay at ther place after a party, and of course this asshole takes that as permission to be a pervert. She rejects him, and he loses it. The process is the same. Rape, strangulation, rape.

Some of you might be asking themselves how Patrice manages to hold back his murderous tendencies when he is with Cécile. And the answer to that question is...barely. For example, he once begins to strangle her and stops at the last second saying "Not you, not you". Yes, Patrice, not her. Not anyone for that matter, you incel pile of disappointment. Anyway...

Cécile finally leaves him in 1995, and Patrice is probably too high or drunk to care. He tries to find other long-term girlfriends, but no woman he encounters has time for his shit (I know that's right). Instead of maybe looking in the mirror and realizing he is the problem, Patrice decides to blame the world like the mediocre man he is.

The murderous vagrancy

Adult Patrice Alègre

From 1997 onward, Patrice gets as close to becoming a gutter rat as possible. He has no job, no home, and no limits. His entire life revolves around alcohol, drugs and parties. He sleeps on the couch of his friends and the people he meets at parties. Sadly, some of those people are women, and we all know what that means by now.

Martine Matias

On February 11th, 1997, Martine Matias, a 19-year-old secretary and boxing champion, accepts to let him pend the night. You know the rest. This time, Patrice sets her flat on fire to get rid of evidence.

You might be asking yourself what the police is doing at that moment. After all, this is the third murder with the exact same modus operandi. Well, I'm asking myself the same question. Actually, I'm asking myself what the Toulouse police is doing in general, since they generally classify a lot of murders as suicides. In this case, they classify Valérie and Martine's murders as suicides, even though Martine was found tied up, with her bra ripped off and with electrical wires in her vagina. Only Laure's murder iss actually classified as one, but that doesn't mean the investigators are doing much investigating. All of that allows Patrice to commit one last assault around Toulouse.

Emilie Espès

On February 21st, 1997 (yes, only ten days after the murder of Martine Matias), Patrice meets Emilie Espès in a nightclub. They end up spending the night together, but as soon as Emilie is alone with Patrice, he attacks her. She manages to calm him down by talking to him while he is raping her, so he stops assaulting her and bring her to his friends (very blind friends apparently) to spend the rest of the night. Emilie is forced to sleep in the same room as him, and as soon as the sun rises, he leaves town and she goes to the police.

Patrice couch-surfs his way to Foix, in the Ariège region. That's when he decides to actually think about what he's doing, but not in a good name. He adopts the pseudonym of "Franck", and becomes quite secretive.

He is only known as "Franck" when he meets 35-year-old Mireille Normand. On June 16th, 1997, she lets him crash at her house, and he kills on the 19th. This time, he tries to cover up the fact that he lived there for a few days. He buries Mireille in her own garden, covers the blood in the house with paint, answers the phone to say that Mireille is running errands, and leaves a note to say that "Franck" stopped by but didn't find Mireille, so he left. Her body is found three weeks later.

The beginning of the end

Since Mireille's murder didn't occur in Toulouse, an actual investigation is conducted, and the man behind the "Franck" is easily found because Patrice dropped his driver's license before leaving town like the dumbass he is. The investigators quickly discover that is wanted for Emilie's assault, so they contact their colleagues in Toulouse, who finally decide to do something. At last, all of the cases are linked, and everybody realizes that they have an actual serial killer on their hands. All of Patrice's acquaintances' phones are tapped, and that's how the police learns that Patrice is in Paris.

That's where he murders his last victim, 28-year-old Isabelle Chicherie, who he had met in Spain a couple of months before. This time, like with Martine, he sets her flat on fire, but the firefighters arrive quickly, so no evidence is destroyed.

Realizing that the cops are closing in on him, Patrice starts asking people for help. All of his exes hang up on him (as they should), but one of his friends gives him an address where he can hide. What Patrice doesn't know is that this friend gave the same address to the local police.

And that's how, on September 5th, 1997, Patrice Alègre is finally arrested.

The confessions

Patrice, once he is detained and confronted by all the evidence gathered by the investigators, confesses quite easily. However, he uses those confessions to obtain some luxuries while he is in jail. For example, he only confesses the murder of Valérie Tariote once the cops have taken on a ride through town and promised to give him champagne.

He is indicted on all the murders and the assault on Emilie Espès, and his trail begins on February 11th, 2002 in Toulouse. I don't know what offended me the most during that trial, his stubborn silence or his haircut. I'll let you decide.

Yes, that haircut is deliberate

His defense relies on his tough childhood and his addictions. His lawyers even make his parents testify on the stand. However, nobody cares, so Patrice is convicted and sentenced to 22 to life (the harshest sentence in France). I wish I could end the article here, but Patrice Alègre is one of those guys who manage to be a nuisance even from behind bars.

The bigwig affair

To continue to get favors from the police, Patrice suggest that he might be responsible for more murders, namely the murder of Line Galbardi, a prostitute whose body was found in 1992. He confesses that murder, then he recants, then he confesses again, etc. The investigators decide to dig into that case, and some night workers confirm that Line knew Patrice. Those people, probably sensing that they could gain something from this case, start making up conspiracies about sadomasochistic secret circles involving magistrates, and even politicians. All of a sudden, Patrice is depicted as a goon working for some sort of sexual mafia.

Dominique Baudis

The rumors get bigger, and some people start saying that Dominique Baudis, a former TV host and politician, is implicated. The poor guy is even forced to go on the national news to deny this.

This affair is finally squashed when fake witnesses are confronted, and Line Galbardi's murder remains unsolved.

Years pass, and sadly Emilie Espès kills herself in 2006.

Patrice Alègre today

Patrice is allowed to ask for parole on September 6th, 2019, but his lawyer withdraws his demand in March 2021 (yes, this year) after expert psychiatrist strongly advised against it.

Patrice is still rotting away in prison, but he receives regularly letters and visits from a Canadian woman who left her husband and dragged her kids to France to be closer to him. Love is really weird thing sometimes.

That's it for today ! Tell me what you think in the comments, or on Reddit (r/Murder_Wine_Cheese) and if you can, make a suggestion or a donation via the website's menu ! Have nice day, and I'll see you on the next article !

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