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Thierry Paulin: the death of the party

Hi everyone, I hope you're having a good day ! As Pride Month is nearing its end, I wanted to change things a bit and do a gay serial killer, so here we are. Ladies, gentlemen and everybody in-between, I present to you Thierry Paulin !

Thierry Paulin

Thierry Paulin was born on November 28th, 1963 in Fort-de-France, Martinique. His parents, Rose-Hélène and Guy, are teenagers at the time of his birth. Guy quite rapidly leaves the picture, and Rose-Hélène has trouble figuring out motherhood, so little Thierry is raised by his grandmother. The thing is, his grandmother is a restaurant owner, so she's too busy to give him any type of attention or affection.

At the age of 10, Rose-Hélène, who had since then remarried and popped out 5 more kids, comes back to pick up her son. This isn't a happy end for Thierry, as his mother regularly beats him up and wakes him up with pots of cold water. He doesn't even get a present on Christmas.

As you probably guessed, Thierry absorbs this violence and brings it to school, where at 12 he threatens his principal with a kitchen knife.

A year later, Rose-Hélène hits Guy up for child support, and Guy offers to take on the rest of Thierry's education. And just like that, Rose-Hélène yeets little Thierry away to Toulouse, France.

When Thierry moves in with his father, he discovers that he has also remarried and had two more kids. He also discovers that even 7000 kilometers away, a lack of affection feels just the same.

Thierry's life of failure starts right here. He leaves his father's place at 16, crashing on his friends' couches, and fails three apprenticeships in a row. Disappointed, he starts his mandatory military service in advance, and quickly starts to get bullied by his fellow soldiers for the color of his skin and his homosexuality. He barely lasts a year before getting dishonorably discharged for robbing a grocery store while on permission. For that he is sentenced in 1983 to a suspended sentence that doesn't even get entered into his criminal record.

In 1984, he leaves Toulouse to move into his mom's place in Nanterre, near Paris. He fails at several jobs before becoming a waiter in Le Paradis Latin, a bar in Paris' red-light district. There he meets Jean-Thierry Mathurin, a 19-year-old drug addict from French Guiana. They start partying hard together, much to Thierry's mother's disgust. Thierry starts dreaming of opening a cabaret, and performs in drag from time to time.

Rose-Hélène kicks Thierry out at the end of the summer, so the couple moves into a hostel. Both of them are unemployed at that time, so no money is coming in. That's when Thierry suggests that they rob old ladies. We will never know what pushed from robbery to murder.

On October 5th, 1984, the body of 83-year-old Anna Ponthus is found in her 9th district apartment. She has been attached, tortured and strangled to death.

On October 9th, firefighters are called to put out a fire in an apartment building in the 18th district and discover the body of 89-year-old Suzanne Foucault.

From November 5th to November 9th, in a 1,5km radius, 4 bodies are found: 71-year-old Ioana Seicaresco, 84-year-old Alice Partouche, 80-year-old Marie Choy and 75-year-old Maria Cifre-Vaille. All of them have been attached and tortured before being killed.

On November 12th, 81-year-old Jeanne Lorent is found dead in her apartment. Only a few hours later and 800m from there, 77-year-old Paule Victor is found dead in her apartment. She has been dead for at least a week.

The two killers started killing for money, but they barely get any. Most of the times, they get at most what would amount to 50$ today.

Even a big city like Paris doesn't usually have 6 murders committed in a month, so obviously the media and everyone else go apeshit, to the point where Paris' mayor offers bodyguards to old women.

The only evidence the cops have are the fingerprints the couple left on some crime scenes, and for those cheering in the back, sit your asses back down because it was 1984 and the fingerprint database was literally just piles of paper, so they were years of analysis away from solving the murders at the rate they were going (which is still quite fast, because those stacks of paper had not come to play).

All of Paris was panicking when suddenly the murders stopped. Not because Thierry and Jean-Thierry suddenly grew a conscience, but simply because they went to Toulouse to pretty much crash on the couch of Thierry's dad, who quickly kicks them out. Adding to this bummer, Jean-Thierry decides to leave Thierry, who then has to figure out a way to get food and shelter on his own once he gets back to Paris. He squats his lovers' homes, while still trying and failing to become famous in Paris' nightlife scene. He ends up as broke as ever, and we know what that means by now.

Between December 20th, 1985 and January 31st, 1986, Thierry kills 77-year-old Andrée Ladam, 83-year-old Yvonne Couronne, 77-year-old Yvonne Schaibé, 81-year-old Marjem Jurblum, 83-year-old Françoise Vendôme and 76-year-old Virginie Labrette. He then takes a break from murder (no one knows why) before killing 85-year-old Ludmilla Liberman in June.

On August 5th, he is arrested in Alfortville, a city near Paris, for beating his drug dealer half to death with a baseball bat after he sold him sub-par cocaine. I'm not an expert on the subject, but if I felt like beating someone with a baseball bat, I'd think the coke is strong enough. Anyway, he gets sentenced on January 22nd, 1987 to 16 months in jail. He learns in jail that he has AIDS (IDGAF, he can die), and is released early in September.

As soon as he gets back on the street, he starts assaulting elderly women like it's no big deal. Between October and November, he assaults 11 old ladies but doesn't manage to kill any of them, so investigators finally manage to know how Paris' "Old Lady Killer" looks like. Sadly, that doesn't mean he's done yet.

On November 25th, he kills 79-year-old Rachel Cohen, and two days later he kills 73-year-old Genevieve Germont. With the money he stole from then, he throws a party in a restaurant for his birthday.

On December 1st, 1987, a police chief recognizes him on the street and immediately arrests him. His fingerprints are finally compared to the ones found on the crime scenes, and bam, it's a match !

Once he realizes why he has been arrested, Thierry doesn't have any problem confessing everything, including Jean-Thierry's involvement in the first murders. After all, his days are numbered.

On April 17th, 1989, Thierry Paulin dies from AIDS at the Fresnes prison. He could have choked on a dick for all I care. Bye bitch !

Regarding Jean-Thierry Mathurin, he was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole for 18 years, and was released on probation in 2012. So...yeah, he's out there.

That's it for today ! Tell me what you think about this case in the comments or on r/Murder_Wine_Cheese, and if you want to make a suggestion or a donation, everything's on the English homepage. Have a nice day, I'll see you in the next article !

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